Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Path to Financial Freedom

Understand the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

The Frank Law Firm P.C. is your reliable partner when it comes to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our experienced team can guide you through the complex process, ensuring you understand every step of the way. We provide comprehensive legal services for both debtors and creditors, focusing on strategic advice and effective solutions.


What Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, often referred to as ‘liquidation,’ can provide a fresh financial start for individuals and businesses struggling with overwhelming debt. The process involves the appointed trustee selling non-exempt assets to repay creditors. However, the debtor can often keep certain exempt property, and many cases are considered ‘no-asset’ cases, where no property is sold.

The automatic stay that comes into effect once a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition is filed gives debtors immediate relief from creditors. This stay prevents creditors from taking action to collect debts, providing the debtor with the much-needed breathing space to reorganize their finances.

Our team at The Frank Law Firm P.C. has extensive experience representing various parties in Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, including individuals, institutional lenders, private corporations, and trustees​.


Debtor Representation in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The path to filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy begins with the means test, which determines whether you are eligible. Our attorneys can help you navigate this test and provide comprehensive guidance on exemptions, enabling you to protect as much of your property as possible.

Our services include:

  • Asset Exemption Consulting
  • Preparing and Filing the Bankruptcy Petition
  • Representation at the Meeting of Creditors
  • Defense Against Discharge and Dischargeability of Debt Lawsuits
  • Assistance with Reaffirmation Agreements
  • Support throughout the Bankruptcy Discharge Process

We understand that every case is unique. Therefore, we tailor our approach to your specific circumstances, ensuring we deliver the most beneficial results possible​.


Creditor Representation in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

For creditors, we offer a range of services to protect your rights and interests. These include:

  • Filing Proofs of Claim
  • Obtaining Relief from Automatic Stay
  • Contesting Motions to Value Collateral
  • Contesting Use of Cash Collateral
  • Prosecuting Dismissal of Bad Faith Bankruptcy Filings
  • Prosecuting Denial of Discharge under §727 of the Bankruptcy Code
  • Prosecuting Non-Dischargeability of Debt under §523 of the Bankruptcy Code

Our attorneys have the expertise and the experience to safeguard your interests throughout the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process​.


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Please note that this information is intended for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult a professional for advice about your specific situation.


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Experienced Legal Team: With years of experience in bankruptcy law, our attorneys at The Frank Law Firm P.C. have a deep understanding of the complexities of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. We’ve successfully represented numerous clients, providing effective solutions tailored to their unique circumstances.


Client-Centered Approach: We prioritize our clients’ needs and strive for their financial freedom. Our team works closely with each client, ensuring they understand each step of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process and making the journey as smooth as possible.


Trust and Transparency: At The Frank Law Firm P.C., we believe in building relationships based on trust and transparency. We provide clear, honest advice and keep our clients informed at all stages of the process. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

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