Real Estate

Real Estate Closings

Our closing service includes:

  • Reviewing and drafting of Real Estate Sales Agreements
  • Reviewing of title reports
  • Reviewing of Building Department Records
  • Reviewing Surveys and Building Plans
  • Reviewing Offering Plans
  • Reviewing any outstanding violations from the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development
  • Acquisition of residential property in New York
  • Reviewing Legality of All Structures on the Property
  • Reviewing whether there are any unpaid water or real estate or franchise taxes, judgments, liens, ECBs, municipal violations
  • Real Estate Refinancing
  • Assignments of Mortgage
  • Power of Attorney for any real estate transactions
  • Deed transfers
  • Rate Modifications
  • Title and Lien Search review
  • Mortgages for builders
  • Equity Lines
  • CEMs
  • Private Lending
  • Institutional Lender Representation
  • Drafting of Offering Plans
  • Free Closing Cost Estimate

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